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Hellman Health Care

Our Fix on Healthcare

Our country’s healthcare system is broken.  Over 60% of adults now have at least one chronic condition, according to the Center for Disease Control, that is roughly 153 million people battling one or more diseases which are mostly lifestyle-driven, preventable and reversible, conditions and yet they account for over 90% of annual healthcare costs.

The U.S. alone spends $3 trillion on healthcare each year, much of this goes to diseases that are data-proven to be effectively treated, prevented and reversed with nutrition and lifestyle interventions and not more pills and band-aid solutions.

We, at Hellman Health, intend to fix this. Our outcome-focused approach has the potential to help people feel better without adding more medications to their list.  Hellman Health’s nutrient therapy plans work with the biochemistry of the body.  Learn how to restore the right foods, vitamins, and minerals that are depleted from lifestyle choices, medications, and health issues and achieve optimum health and well-being.

The same offerings found at Hellman Health’s brick-and-mortar location can now be received through our telehealth option, online and affordable.  The setup is simple and straightforward: take the carefully designed questionnaire, receive your personalized, BMI-driven nutrition and lifestyle plan, and start to feel your best again.

Linda Hellman, Nutritionist and Founder of Hellman Health, has one mission:  help people start to feel better, one person at a time.  

That is why after many years of nutrition and lifestyle counseling, she is determined to reach everyone she can with the knowledge she has obtained through the years and offer it in this new telehealth platform.  

Gain new insights into your health with our plan that address solutions for optimum nutrition, movement, and sleep.  Do not let more pills be added to your daily life; try our plan today and be a better you.

The Team at Hellman Health