Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan
Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

Her Signature® Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

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Her Signature is a flexible, anti-inflammatory, downloadable nutrition and lifestyle plan to guide you into a lifetime of optimum health and well-being. Over 60 pages of invaluable content written by Linda Hellman, BSNS CCN, after years of compiling research and data of what really works for women to successfully achieve all of their wellness goals.

This self-guided plan shows you how to choose nutrient-dense foods and clean choice products that work with the biochemistry of your body. The result? Feeling rejuvenated, revitalized, and ready to take on each and everyday.

Complete, Interactive, Downloadable

From the grocery store to the kitchen, out to dinner or at a party, your plan is accessible anywhere you are.

Her Signature Nutrition and Lifestyle Plan

tells you the nutrients you should focus on and the portion amounts you should be consuming in each necessary food group. This plan will help you to reach and maintain goal weight, optimize nutrient intake, speed up metabolism, exercise efficiently, sleep deeper, balance hormones, manage stress, rejuvenate skin, hair and nails, and easily integrate healthy habits while still enjoying life. 

Your plan is complimented by:

Your Macronutrient List 

is your list of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats that tells you how to combine them properly for faster calorie burn, energy release, and less stored fat.

Your Best Choice Food List

breaks down your macros even further into the best choices from each of the five food groups, as well as the best sources of each of the top nutrients for women for you to choose the foods you like. Take this list to the grocery store for optimum meal planning and prepping.

Your Optimum Meal Combinations List

offers best macronutrient combinations to boost metabolism and burn fat. This list shows you how to create new meal plans for endless possibilities. 

Your Personalized Sample Meal Plans 

offer you specific combination ideas, broken down into portion amounts for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks to simplify your life.

Your Suggested Recipes

optimize nutrient intake, are quick and easy to follow and absolutely delicious.

Your Allergen Substitution List 

offers you allergy and sensitivity substitutions when choosing and combining foods and creating recipes.

Your Best Choice Essential Oils Guide

gives you the top essential oils and how to use them properly to ease stress and anxiety, balance hormones, and enhance skin texture and tone.

Your Understanding Medications Guide

is a complete list of medications, which nutrients they deplete, and how to replenish them in an easy and effective way (yes, including birth control!).

Your Counseling Guide and Journal 

offers you words of wisdom and a sense of therapeutic mindfulness.

Her Signature
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Our nutrition plans are based on the biochemical science of your body

Each system in your body requires nutrients for energy from your muscular and nervous system through your cardiovascular, endocrine, immune, and respiratory and down to your digestive.

Two systems specifically control what happens inside your body; the high speed nervous system and the slow and steady endocrine. The nervous system handles the cellular functions throughout your body and the endocrine commands the glands and hormones.

The pituitary, thyroid, and adrenals are your daytime activity glands that operate proper hormone release and metabolism. The pineal is your night time gland that releases melatonin for rest and sleep. Focusing on the systems of your body and feeding the glands with the proper food combinations that run it is the key to weight control and longevity health.


From our clients

I've lost the weight I wanted to and learned how to keep it off, without worrying about it everyday. I feel a lot less nervous about food and know how to combine and balance meals that work for me.


Love the flexibility and completeness of the plan. It gave me such a great visual of what to know and follow. I immediately felt a difference in my energy, started sleeping better, and felt much less achy and bloated.


Jam packed with great information. The food combinations list and detailed meal plans were so helpful to stay healthy and keep on track even during the holiday season.


My mom sent this to me while I was away at college. The sample meal plans gave me an idea of healthier cafeteria options and the nutrition and lifestyle guide helped me know how to fit in workouts and get better sleep.