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The results you can expect

Nutrition based on the biochemistry of your body, with your lifestyle in mind

"A balance between free radicals and antioxidants within your body is necessary for proper physiological function. If free radicals overwhelm the body's ability to regulate them, obesity, autoimmune disorders, diseases, or cancer will occur.

A free radical is an unpaired electron within your body that is looking for its pair. The more unpaired electrons, the more unstable your internal chemistry becomes, the more vulnerable you are to health issues.

My free radical therapy approach shows you the best way to pair foods, exercise, release pollutants and manage anxiety to reduce the oxidative stress that causes electrons to break apart.

My approach will help you to start reversing the issues you may already have and ward off potential diseases that may be brewing in your system. You will feel better immediately-lose weight, increase energy, sleep deeper, reduce anxiety, lower your disease risks, heal physically and mentally, and age well.

Rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit and start your journey to healing."

Linda Hellman, BSNS CCN

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See what my amazing clients have to say

Linda is very knowledgeable and encouraging. In addition to developing a plan for me that targeted my unique nutrition needs, she also helped me to make important lifestyle changes towards improving my overall health. It is eye-opening how much there is that is not taught in medical school and how many people are suffering from illnesses that are not yet able to be explained through conventional medicine. It is great that there are professionals like her who are able to help people through nutrition.

Dr. Elaine Burke

Hellman Health has helped my patients realize their dreams with marked support.

Dr. Miriam Sivkin

I have been referring my patients to Linda for several years now. Her nutrition plans and counseling are ideal not only for weight, disease, gut, and thyroid management but also for skincare. As a clinical nurse and manager of an aesthetic center, I see the correlation of proper nutrition and great skin. The top macro and micronutrients for collagen and elastin is the key to anti-aging. Knowing what to eat and maintaining a healthy gut balance will keep you looking amazing and Linda shows you how. Her new telehealth platform lets you download your plan in an easy way, one of the first in her field to offer this.

Christine B., RN

I really needed help with my energy levels. With a full time career and a family, the plan I received provided me with a personal assessment, a list of top energy foods and recipes, and ways to easily incorporate lifestyle changes into my busy life. I also did two counseling sessions with Linda which really helped me stay on track.  Linda has a caring and gentle manner with great listening skills. She explained the why to things so I could visualize what to do and how to stay with it. I feel so energized and healthy, now I tell everyone they could benefit from personalized nutrition counseling.

Rachael F.

Working with Clinical Nutritionist, Linda Hellman, has been a great experience, she was willing to listen to all of my concerns and tailor the nutrition plan to my needs and goals. Everything was super easy to use in the plan and each session with her was not only a nutrition class but also great therapy! Always left the appointment feeling better emotionally and mentally.

Julia C.