Over 85% of all health issues stem from what you consume on a daily basis.

Weight, digestion, immune function, hormones, anxiety, and aging are directly related to the inflammation that builds up in your cells, glands, organs, and brain signals from food and product choices.

Inflammation can lead to

difficulty losing weight

feeling bloated after eating

elevated thyroid, cholesterol, or blood pressure

difficulty conceiving

regular cravings for fats or sugars

random headaches or migraines

feeling foggy and difficulty focusing

achiness and fatigue

regular breakouts

daily congestion in your throat

food sensitivities

high levels of anxiety

Our personalized approach to nutrition

focuses on the biochemistry of your body showing you how to reduce inflammation, reverse internal damage, and renew your health.

Her Signature

Her Signature is designed to neutralize the inflammation that occurs inside your body offering big benefits including a slimmer waist, clearer mind, fewer cravings, and clearer skin.

nutrition & lifestyle plan

Her Signature

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Her Signature plan in action

Rejuvenation of your body, mind and spirit starts from within.

We help you hit the restart button to achieve your long-term health and wellness goals.

True health is not dieting

It is understanding and giving your body the right combinations of nutrients that it needs and balancing lifestyle choices.

Her Diagnostic

Custom-designed plan that gets to the root of your issues with goal-based solutions developed to blend with your life along with the support of counseling.

nutrition & counseling package

Her Diagnostic

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Her Pregnancy

Guides you through each stage of nutrition necessary for mom and baby, from first, second, and third trimester through postpartum, and a preconception fertility section to benefit those who are trying to get pregnant.

prenatal nutrition plan

Her Pregnancy

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Telehealth at its best

Care and convenience without compromise, we put your health first.

I started Hellman Health to help my patients find a balance of physical and emotional well-being using simple and effective nutrition and lifestyle techniques that can be easily incorporated into everyday life.

Now, after 15+ years of successfully counseling and designing personalized plans in-office, I have compiled the data and research of what really works into downloadable and affordable nutrition plans and telehealth counseling.

Health is our biggest asset and without it, everything else falls behind. Invest in your health for yourself and for your loved ones who depend on you.

Linda Hellman

Certified Nutritionist, Licensed Chef, Founder of Hellman Health

Compliment your Nutrition Plan with our All-Natural Skincare Sets

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Clean eating calls for a clean skincare routine

because what you put on your body is as important as what you put in it

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