Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Package

Personalized plans and 1:1 counseling sessions completely integrated and tailored to your specific needs

Your plan and sessions will be


Our initial sessions will be dedicated to assessing your current wellness and creating a personalized plan to fit your unique needs and goals.


Everyone has pain points when it comes to achieving full body wellness. I’ll work closely with you to help identify and overcome your triggers.


Since achieving wellness is more than just exercise and diet, I’ll be guiding you toward other healing practices such as mindfulness training, non-toxic lifestyle choices, and more.

A whole body approach to wellness

Through my personalized approach, I’ll work alongside you to develop an integrative plan to achieve full body wellness—combining the practices of functional nutrition, exercise, meditation, natural remedies, and more.

Meet your nutritionist

Work with Linda

Our first session, I collect all of the information I need to develop a personalized plan for you.

After this session, I take the time to put together a plan that is personalized for you and your life.

The second session, we go over your plan and address any questions you may have as we work together to make sure you achieve your goals.

Follow up sessions are always available and an effective way to feel supported and stay on track.

All sessions are 45-minutes and can be done over the phone or via Zoom.

Your Personalized Nutrition and Lifestyle Package will include:

Your nutrition and lifestyle assessment

Your personalized meal plan

Your macronutrient list

Your best choice food list

Your optimum meal combinations with suggested recipes

An allergen substitution list

A best choice essential oils list

An understanding medications guide

Plans and sessions are for but not limited to

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Allergies, Intolerances and Sensitivities

Cardiovascular Disease and HBP

Diabetes and Glucose Regulation

Thyroid Disorders

Hormone and Glandular Health

Digestive Issues and Gut Health

Reading and explaining bloodwork

Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Fertility and Pregnancy

Anti-Aging and Skincare

Sports and Athletic Needs

Lifelong health

Your plan is designed to fit you for life. Refer to it wherever you are to stay on track.


Personalized plan and 2 session package, starting at $550

Additional Sessions:

Individual counseling session (45-minutes) $125

Six Sessions $625 (1 complimentary session, save $125)

Ten Sessions $1,000 (2 complimentary sessions, save $250)

Twelve Sessions $1,125 (3 complimentary sessions, save $375)