Her Pregnancy
Her Pregnancy
Her Pregnancy

Her Pregnancy

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Pregnancy is the time in your life when nutrient intake and lifestyle choices directly affect another person. Written by Certified Nutritionist, Linda Hellman, this plan guides you through each stage of your pregnancy-from first, second, and third trimester through postpartum-and a preconception fertility section if you are trying to get pregnant.

It is a complete, interactive, downloadable nutritionist-designed package designed to give you a healthy pregnancy and your baby a strong start in life.

You will receive:

  • Detailed Nutrition Needs and Flexible Meal Plans for
    • Each Trimester
    • Preconception Fertility
    • Postpartum
  • Best Choice Pregnancy Food List to make food shopping and meal planning easier
  • Macronutrient List that explains how your body reads food and absorbs nutrients
  • Optimum Meal Combinations that offer the best way to combine nutrients for mom and baby-to-be's health
  • Chef-Designed Recipes that are easy to follow, health and delicious
  • Allergen Substitution List to substitute food needs and preferences

From our clients


I just want to say I like the way the plan takes each trimester and brings it right down to a best choice food list, combination list and recipes so I know exactly what nutrients to focus on for my health as well as my baby's.


Love the detailed meal plans especially in the first trimester when I was trying to deter the nausea. This plan really helped throughout my pregnancy and gave me peace of mind just knowing what to do.


I was in my third trimester when I jumped into the plan. It helped me to stay organized, knowing what to eat and what to avoid so I could concentrate on all the other things I had going on like getting the baby's room ready.


This plan was a great investment. The author, nutritionist Linda, did a great job breaking down the nutrients a baby needs through each trimester and how to do that with her recipes, her go-to lists, and her pro tips.