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"The need to find a way back to real health solutions and less pharmaceutical fixes is clear.  Disease and viral issues are on the rise.  Understanding and implementing simple and effective solutions should be available in a convenient, safe, and affordable way."  Linda Hellman BSNS CCN LLC

Linda Hellman, the founder of Hellman Health, is a degreed biochemist, certified nutritionist, and licensed chef. She works extensively with doctors and specialists and has successfully counseled thousands of patients in her own private practice.

Linda started as a personal trainer and worked her way through college. She earned a degree in biochemistry and nutrition, graduating summa cum laude.  Early into her career, she also decided to get her chef's license as a full circle of health and wellness. Linda used all of her education and experience to compile customized nutrition and lifestyle plans to enhance health for others.

The mission of Hellman Health is to offer extensive and customized nutrition and lifestyle plans to fit your life.