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Her Signature

A complete nutrition and lifestyle plan for women

Her live by it everyday, take it anywhere plan

Her Signature is a powerful nutrition and lifestyle transformation guide for everyday life, accessible everywhere you are.

Her Signature

Her Signature is the perfect, flexible, anti-inflammatory plan to guide you into a lifetime of optimum health and well-being. Written by Certified Nutritionist, Linda Hellman, after years of compiling research and data of what really works for women to successfully achieve all of their wellness goals.

It is a complete, interactive, and downloadable nutritionist-designed package for women to achieve optimum health and feel and look their very best every day.

You will receive:

  • Detailed Nutrition and Lifestyle Guide to reach and maintain goal weight, optimize nutrient intake, speed up metabolism, exercise efficiently, sleep deeper, balance hormones, manage stress, rev up skincare, easily integrate healthy habits while still enjoying life
  • Macronutrient List that explains how your body reads food for faster calorie burn, less stored fat, and more energy release 
  • Best Choice Food List and Suggested Recipes to make grocery shopping, cook and meal prepping easier
  • Sample Meal Plans to know your daily nutrient and caloric needs and make your life easier
  • Optimum Meal Combinations List to continue to create new meal plans
  • Allergen Substitution List to substitute food needs and preferences
  • Best Choice Essential Oils Guide to ease stress and anxiety, balance hormones, and enhance skin texture and tone
  • Understanding Medications Guide to understand how to replenish nutrients lost from medications (yes, including birth control!)

You will get the Signature Plan that fits you based on your answers to our carefully designed quiz.

See your plan come alive

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