How to Take Control Over Your Anxiety

How to Take Control Over Your Anxiety

Managing your diet plays a big part in managing your anxiety. Combining your macronutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fats) properly and staying hydrated primes your body to handle the ups and the downs of the anxiety curve.

Complex carbohydrates metabolize slower than simple processed sugar ones; thereby, stabilizing your blood sugar, your cortisol, and your inflammation. Combining a complex carb with a lean protein and an unsaturated fat continues the stabilizing factor and controls the anxiety curve from within.

Specific nutrients have a positive effect on lowering anxiety. Omega 3 fatty acids in fish and magnesium in nuts, seeds, and whole grains are two proven examples of strong micronutrients that balance the curve and stabilize the fight or flight feelings.

The ‘gut to brain’ connection is a strong self-defender in the battle of anxiety control. Your intestines (gut) have over a million neurons and many of these neurons help produce feel-good transmitters like serotonin. Whether these neurons are firing correctly is dependent on what is in your gut and how balanced your bacteria is.

Emotional well-being also depends on lifestyle, the movement you incorporate, the sleep you attain, and the amount of caffeine and alcohol you consume in your daily life.

Flexible dietary and lifestyle changes work much better than restrictive ones with those who struggle with anxiety. Everyone feels out of balance and control at one point in their life and it is the slow and steady approach that brings the anxiety curve back to a manageable line so you can see the horizon ahead and know it will be okay.